Edhel Annon

Edhel Annon is a Lord of the Rings: Online kinship, founded November 9th, 2010, shortly after the game went free-to-play on the new server Withywindle by Lasaradan Litholendil. The kinship itself is best described as a casual kinship and takes on the challenges of the game at their own pace. The main focus of the kinship is on PvE gamplay and social events such as the bi-weekly concerts at the starting area's and the Aduial Edhel (Elven Olympics). There is however also a place for roleplaying in the kinship. As the game changes and the kinship expands, there can be other area's to explore such as PvMP.

The kinshipmembers help eachother out on all sorts of things like quest help, offering materials for crafting and information about the game itself. The latter ranges from information about certain ways to complete instances, quests, the different types of "subscription" (free, premium and VIP) and even some technical help when issues arise.

Edhel Annon has is elven themed kinship. This means that the titles are not common like leader and officer, but are named Tur and Caun. Only recruits (a member just recruited) and kinship members (those that are promoted to member) are named as such. The kinship currently has the following people as leadership:

Tur: Phinglophin (with his alts: Chabbyo, Giglo, Phanor, Phinraphin and Sculco)

Second in Command: Terjesson

Cauns: Arandriel, Sinthoras, Gruggo, Lolidwen, Elornild, Searil, Ethrildis, Ullallir, Agentpony, Rosline, Ganamon, Khelekruin, Zingrock, Ringleb, Isolde, Hobarth and Taldo.


(Note: More information about the kinship itself and other bits of information people can contribute are needed.)

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