Legendary Items

Legendary items are a big part of the game. These weapons or other items will grow into power the more you fight with them. These items can be certain things in the game; weapons, books, staffs, belts, you name it. These items grow with you and are kind of like a character in the respect that they gain experience and become stronger that way. But there is more to the legendary items. They have the ability to enhance certain skills of the player with their legacies. You can also slot certain items on them to enhance your stats, like the jewellery on your character. What these terms like relics and legacies are and what they can mean to you will be discussed here.

Your first legendary item

You will receive your first legendary item while doing the first book of volume 2. It gives you a taste of what a legendary item is. in this chapter you will receive a weapon as you need to fend off the watcher in the water with it. Most likely it's a sword, spear, bow, club, mace, dagger or something like that. It will also give you another panel to look at.

The above picture shows the legendary items panel with all legendary item slots unlocked.

When you get a legendary item, it shows up in your inventory with a little key symbol. This little symbol means that it needs to be identified first. All legendary items need to be identified before they can be used. To identify a legendary item, visit a forge-master. After it has been identified, it can be used. Using a legendary item, also equipping it, wil automatically slot it into the legendary item panel. It then also start to gather experience. This experience is referred to as item experience, or IXP for short. Unslotted items can not gather item experience.

Your legendary item will gather experience from the mobs you kill and from specific quests that grant item experience. Item experience is devided over all slotted legendary items. So if you kill a mob that gives 100 IXP and you have one legendary item slotted, that item will recieve 100 IXP. If you have four legendary items slotted, each legendary item will receive 25 IXP.


As can be seen in the picture above, all legendary items have legacies. Legacies enhance certain skills and abilities of your character. Upon identification of a legendary item, it receives 6 legacies; three major legacies and three minor legacies.

Above are two legacies for a hunter. The legacies can be levelled by spending points on them. Each time a legendary weapon gains a level, points are awarded. These points can be used to rank up a legacy. Legacies also have tiers. The two above shown legacies have tier 2 and tier 3. This is shown by the rune that is on the legacy. A rune with two stripes is tier two and the one with three stripes is tier three. Legacies can have a maximum tier of six.

As a legendary item gains experience, it will have to be reforged at certain times. In this explanation of the legendary system, it is assumed a legendary item can have 60 levels. Your first legendary item will have 40 levels, but any after that has 60 levels. Each reforge is to happen at each tenth level; level 10, level 20, level 30, level 40, level 50 and level 60. The first three reforges give you three new legacies. At each reforge you get to choose between two new legacies. The rest of the reforges gives you legacie upgrades. You then get to choose from two legacies that you can upgrade in tier. One exception; a legacy that already has tier 6, will not be presented to be upgraded.

In the above picture you see the legacy's tier represented by a rune. On the round tablet the rune is written, there is also a little gold start or a red blob in the lower left. This indicates if a legacy is a major or a minor legacy. Major legacies are the more desired legacies for a certain class, where the minor legacies are handy, but are less important to a class. Every player is aiming for as many major legacies as possible and to get the ones most desired on their legendary item. For all the legacies and if they're major or minor legacies, go here to view them. It speaks of pool A and pool B but those were changed to major and minor.

There is one more category of legacies; the stat lagecies. These legacies can be used to enhance stats like vitality, will and fate on your character. These come in the form of scrolls and can be used to replace legacies. See below for the replacing of legacies.

Replacing legacies

After the first three reforges, it can easily happen that a legendary item does not hold all the legacies that are desired. This does not make the current legendary item worthless. Especially since legacies can be extracted from and exchanged on a legendary item. This truly can make your legendary item complement your playing style.

How is this extracting and replacing done? As said, a legendary item must be slotted in the legendary item panel. Then the legendary item must be levelled. In order to extract a legacy from a legendary item, the legendary item must be levelled to at least level 30. Once that is done, a legendary item has to be deconstructed.

A legendary item can be deconstructed at a relic-master. When a legendary item is deconstructed by a relic-master, it will return relics (more about that later). At level 30 you also get the option to extract a legacy. A window will pop up displaying all the legacies you can extract from the legendary item. Only one can be extracted, so know which legacy you want to extract. Click the legacy desired to extract and then click OK. The extracted legacy is in your inventory as a scroll. Hovering the mouse over the scroll shows a tooltip which legacy it is and if it is a major or a minor legacy.

If the extracted legacy is to be placed on another legendary item, double-click the scroll. It will bring up a window from which you select the legendary item to change a legacy on. Click the legendary item and click OK. Then a window is brought up to choose which legacy you want to exchange. Click the legacy you want to exchange and click OK. The legacy is now exchanged and on the new legendary item.

The exchanging of legacies has restrictions. Legacies cannot be exchanged across classes; a hunter legacy will never go on a warden legendary item. A legacy extracted from a legendary weapon, cannot be placed on a legendary item; a legacy extracted from a loremaster's book will not go on a loremaster's staff. (Note on this; a warden's javelin is considered a legendary item, just as a hunter's sword. Since it's not the main weapon, it's considered an item.)

Legacies can only be exchanged within certain level ranges of a legendary item;

A legacy extracted from a level 51 - level 59 legendary item can only go on a legendary item of level 60 maximum

A legacy extracted from a level 61 - level 64 legendary item can only go on a legendary item of level 65 maximum

The above means that legacies extracted from a level 54 legendary item can not be placed on a level 64 legendary item. In order to replace a legacy on a level 61 or higher legendary item, you need to deconstruct a legendary item of level 61 or higher.

The age of a legendary item does not matter for replacement. A legacy from a third age item can replace a legacy on a second or first age legendary item.

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