Edhel Annon WIKI

Welcome to the wiki of Edhel Annon. Within this wiki, you will find information about the kinship itself and about (almost) all aspects of the game Lord of the Rings: Online.

What information can be found?

This wiki starts off with some information about Edhel Annon Kinship. It will give some of its history and its architecture.

This page will also explain what kind of a kinship Edhel Annon is. You will also find information about the nine classes of Lord of the Rings: Online. The classes will have a short description of their roles and their main focus.

There are guides for all the classes, how do you play with them? What are good tactics? Crafting is also part of the game. This wiki will describe what crafting is, what is needed and how the different crafts have to work together to be successful.

As the game is about combat in middle-earth, part of this wiki will contain instance guides. It will explain some of the instances that are in the game; from simple small fellowship instances to raids. Since finding groups may pose a challenge at first, here is a handy guide About Fellowships which can then be expanded to a raid.

Instances are mostly group based and group can perform fellowship maneuvers. These powerful combinations will be explained on it's own page, including a list of all maneuvers available. As Legendary Items are a huge part of the game's content, a section of this wiki will be devoted to these. This section has a complete rundown of what Legendary Items are, what legacies are and the exchanging of them. It will also explain about relics and combining and refining relics.

There is also a guide for music playing: How to be a Rock Star.

For who is this wiki?

For all members of Edhel Annon, be they really experienced in Lord of the Rings: Online or just starting out. There is a world of information at the pages that can be of help to anyone. Some information you might read only once, for some information you will come back from time to time. As a wiki is always a work in progress, information will be added from time to time, so remember to check back often.

We hope you like this wiki and if you have any feedback, do not hesitate to contact us.