Fellowship Maneuvers

Fellowship maneuvers are a powerful tool in a fellowship to use. These are combined attacks from each fellowshipmember executed at the same time. These attacks can cause a massive DoT damage, revitalize your entire fellowship in morale, power or both or all of the before mentioned.

A fellowship maneuver  can be triggered at anytime during a fight. Only burglars and captains can trigger a fellowship maneuver at will. When a fellowship maneuver is triggered, the following "wheel" is displayed:

Fellowship Wheel

If you do not have the target selected on which the fellowship maneuver is performed, there is a bullseye displayed in your screen. Simply click the bullseye to switch to the target of the fellowship maneuver.

The colors represent the action that is taken in the maneuver:

  • Red; Ent's Strength; Ent's Strength is a simple, powerful melee attack. As it increases in power, it does more damage. At the 6th tier of power it becomes an AOE attack with a radius of 10 meters.
  • Green; Eagle's Cry; Eagle's Cry starts off as a simple self-morale heal. At the 2nd tier of power it becomes an AOE morale heal over time effect. At the 5th tier of power it also cures fear effects, and at the 6th tier it cures fear and wound effects.
  • Yellow; Spider's Guile; Spider's Guile is a combination of a melee attack and a powerful damage over time effect. At the 5th and 6th power tiers the skill also applies a 15-second countdown effect that will damage the target's power and slow the target's attack and movement speed when the countdown is complete.
  • Blue; Stallion's Spirit; Stallion's Spirit starts off as a simple, self-power heal. At the 2nd tier of power it becomes an AOE power heal. At the 5th tier of power it will also summon the shade of a fallen warrior to aid you in battle for a short time, and at the 6th tier of power it will summon an even more powerful shade to aid you.

Normally, in each fellowship maneuver, each member will be assigned a color. If you press that color at the right time, the fellowship maneuver will be executed with the desired result. As there are many different fellowship maneuvers, there are also many different difficulties in them. The ones most easy to execute are flushes. These are just the same colors in two, three or four person maneuvers. More difficult are the pairs and full house combos. These are available in four and five combo maneuvers.

The most difficult combo's are also the most powerful ones; the straights. These maneuvers start at a certain color on the wheel and then go clockwise until you have at max six members participating. For instance; Wings of the Windlord starts with blue. If we go clockwise on the wheel, we see that this maneuver is performed as blue, red, green, yellow, blue, red. Pairs and straights can also be executed counter clockwise. If we take the Wings of the Windlord maneuver again, we see it can also be executed as red, blue, yellow, green, red, blue.

Performing these fellowship maneuvers can be quite the chore, but it can also safe the life of your fellowship and be quite rewarding. Below is a list that gives an overview of every fellowship maneuver in the game to date:

Combo Name Type First Attack Second Attack Third Attack Fourth Attack Fifth Attack Sixth Attack
Two Person       
Clash of Arms Flush Red Red        
Misdirection Flush Yellow Yellow        
Planned Attack Flush Blue Blue        
Rallying Cry Flush Green Green        
Three Person       
Resounding Strikes Flush Red Red Red      
Deception Flush Yellow Yellow Yellow      
Three Pronged Assault Flush Blue Blue Blue      
Mustering of the Troops Flush Green Green Green      
Wrath of the Righteous Straight Red Green Yellow      
Strength of the Pure Straight Blue Red Green      
Sinister Plan Straight Yellow Blue Red      
Will of the Strong Straight Green Yellow Blue      
Four Person       
Hail of Blows Flush Red Red Red Red    
Chaos in the Ranks Flush Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow    
Power in Numbers Flush Blue Blue Blue Blue    
Call to Arms Flush Green Green Green Green    
Ent's Stand Straight Red Green Yellow Blue    
Noble's Honour Straight Blue Red Green Yellow    
Silent Paths Straight Yellow Blue Red Green    
Eagle's Eyrie Striaght Green Yellow Blue Red    
Pounding Echos Pairs Red Red Yellow Yellow    
Planned Charge Pairs Red Red Blue Blue    
Ent's Heart Pairs Red Red Green Green    
Deadly Whispers Pairs Yellow Yellow Blue Blue    
Silent Glory Pairs Yellow Yellow Green Green    
Noble Lineage Pairs Blue Blue Green Green    
Five Person       
Entish Justice Straight Red Green Yellow Blue Red  
Wrath of the Oathbreakers Straight Blue Red Green Yellow Blue  
Leaves of Lothlorien Straight Yellow Blue Red Green Yellow  
Valour Unashamed Straight Green Yellow Blue Red Green  
Ent's Rage Full House Red Red Red Yellow Yellow  
Whispering Leaves Full House Yellow Yellow Yellow Red Red  
Noble Blood Full House Blue Blue Blue Green Green  
Pure of Heart Full House Green Green Green Blue Blue  
Six Person       
Thunder of the Oakenshield Straight Red Green Yellow Blue Red Green
Wings of the Windlord Straight Blue Red Green Yellow Blue Red
Dawn on the Deep Straight Yellow Blue Red Green Yellow Blue
Whispers Under the Mountain Straight Green Yellow Blue Red Green Yellow
Break the Door Unique Red Red Red Red Red Yellow
Hew the Stone Unique Red Red Red Red Red Blue
Roll of Drum Unique Red Red Red Red Red Green
Tramp of Doom Unique Red Red Red Yellow Yellow Yellow
March of the Ents Unique Green Red Red Red Red Blue
Chill of Bone Unique Green Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Blue
Breath of Freedom Unique Blue Red Yellow Yellow Red Blue
Hope of Men Unique Green Yellow Red Red Yellow Green

(Note: The wheel, the combo list and the color explanation are taken from the lorebook website (lorebook.lotro.com))

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