Instance guides

On this pages you will find the game's classic instances (instances which can be enterd from any place) in guides. These guides are divided in the way the game is divided by the players; Shadows of Angmar (the original game), Mines of Moria (first expansion), Siege of Mirkwood (second expansion), Rise of Isengard (third expansion) and Riders of Rohan (fourth expansion). The instances that take place in separately added landmasses like Enedwaith will be showed under Shadows of Angmar. To enter all those instances the appropriate level is needed. To enter some of them you may need also: access to said landmass (either by being VIP or purchasing the quest-pack), access to that instance separately (either by being VIP or purchasing that instance), to take appropraite quest or even to discover instance's location.

Most runs are shown on the calendar. They will be setup like raids, but might be (small) fellowship based. This is just to get the instance run placed on the calendar. In order to do so, it has to be known how to setup a raid.

Shadows of Angmar

Great Barrow

Inn of the Forsaken

Garth Agarwen

Fornost - Instance


Halls of Night


Carn Dum

Barad Gularan 

The Rift of Nurz Ghashu

Goblin-town: Throne Room 


School at Tham Mirdain 

Library at Tham Mirdain 

The Northcotton Farm


Lost Temple


Ost Dunhoth

Roots of Fangorn 


Mines of Moria

The Forgotten Treasury

The Grand Stair

The Forges of Khazad-Dum

Halls of Crafting

Fil Gashan


The 16th Hall

Dark Delvings

Hall of Mirrors (Lumul-nar)

The Water Wheels (Nala-dum)

The Vile Maw (The Watcher)

Filikul (The Turtle Nornuan)

Dar Narbugud


Siege of Mirkwood

Sword-hall of Dol Guldur

Warg-pens of Dol Guldur

Dungeons of Dol Guldur

Samath Gul

Barad Guldur


Rise of Isengard

Draigoch's Lair

Dargnakh Unleashed 

Fangorn's Edge

Pits of Isengard

The Foundry

The Tower of Orthanc 


Riders of Rohan

Iorbar's Peak

Seat of the Great Goblin 

Webs of the Scuttledells

The Bells of Dale

Road to the Lonely Mountain

The Fires of Smaug

The Battle for Erebor


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